Music History

1965 – 1975
Singer with ‘Easy Rhythm’ (family band). Songs ranged from old music hall to current pop tunes.

1968 – 1975
Chorister with:
St Johns Leytonstone
Westminster Abbey Special Choir
Accepted into Temple Bar Choir. No education funding available.

1972 – 1974
Waltham Forest Junior Orchestra: violin

1975 – 1977
Blue Volt – Rock Band: Keyboard


Commissioned to write musical ‘The House Of Frankenstein’

Commissioned to compose for short film

Joined Ton 4 Music Publishers


Commissioned to write musical ‘Jack The Ripper’


Freelance, jingles, commercials



Bandcamp / You Tube / Lulu


Magnificat & Nunc Dimitis in G minor: Choral


‘Little Words’, Rock Remastered 2010 Bandcamp

‘Hell Hath No Fury’, Rock Remastered 2010 Bandcamp

‘Clouds’ Ballad

‘Morning Breaks’ Ballad

‘Not To Be’ Soul/Pop


‘Party, Party’: Soca

‘Socarobics’: Soca

‘Tek De Bus’: Soca (Interest expressed by Jet Star Records)


‘Pretty Girl’ Calypso

‘Looking Through a Glass Darkly’: Pop


‘Somebody Cares’: Pop Ballad

‘Only In Your Dreams’: House (ish)


‘Tea Melody’: Bollywood

‘The Awakening’:  Instrumental


‘Solar Eclipse’: Instrumental

‘Millennium Bug’: Instrumenta


‘Magic Symphony’: Classical CD  


‘Planet Suite 3rd Millennium’: Album. Classical/Rock/Fusion CD 
Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto. Remastered 2010 Bandcamp


‘Devil’s Dance’: Classical Bandcamp

‘WalthamForest Serenade’: String quartet


‘The Star’: Classical Bandcamp

‘Judgement’: Classical

‘The Tower’ : Classical


‘Cogency’: Ambient House

‘Kraplife’: Spoof You Tube

‘The House Of Frankenstein: The Musical’
The Monsters Live, Death Will No Longer Be In Vain, The Curse Of The Werewolf, Goodbye Is Not The End, I’ll Wait For You, I Am The Werewolf, The Modern Prometheus, Science And Madness, Death Is Not The End, Making My Creation Alive, What Have I Done?, Consumed With Blood Lust, Beauty Is The Human Race, The Essence Of My Evil, The Angel Of The Forest, Confrontation, Love Is Eternal, Victor’s Soliloquy, The Bride Of Frankenstein, Monsters Have No Tomorrow.

‘Mechanism Of Love’ . Soundtrack for short film (11 minutes).

‘Happy Birthday (Getting Older)’:
Swing / Humorous lyrics
You Tube / Bandcamp

‘The Chariot’: Classical Bandcamp


‘Ode To A Mindless Thug’: Light Pop

‘Welcome To The World’: Classical Fusion / Film

‘Jack The Ripper: The Musical’

Jack The Ripper (opener / finale), Surrender, From Hell, The Future Is Stained With Death, One Good Scare / Into Darkness Into Danger, One More Day, I’m A Monster, We Belong To The Night, When The World Was Ours, Beauty Lies In The Eye Of The Beholder, I Have A Dream (Of London), Finish What I Started, I’m Not The One, Forever And A Day, Funnier Than You Know, After Midnight, Good And Evil, Swift Justice / Who Are You?, Puppet On My Strings, When I Was Young, Tell The Devil I Sent You, The Man In The Mirror

‘Good Times’: House

‘A Touch Of Starlight’: Classical / Modern


‘Jog On’: House / Ambient

‘Bedtime’: Classical

‘Minuet’: Classical

‘Anthemic 1’: Classical


‘Walking Grandad Style’ (You Tube pastiche of ‘Gangnam Style’ (Psy): with original lyrics and composition).


‘When The Clown Laughs: The Musical’ (Arrangement / Soundtrack)

The Monster’s Back, Confrontation, The Darkness Is Over, I Monster, Caligari / Hands Of Time, Satan’s In The Holy Man, Funny, Kill For Me, You Can’t Stop The Boogeyman, Much More Than A Son, Darkness Be Good To me, Something Evil, Love Is Eternal,


‘When The Clown Laughs 2: The Musical’ (Arrangement and original compositions) When The Clown Laughs / Behind Every Door, Overture, Eternity, You’re The Clown, Nightmares Never End, Beyond Our Love Story, Women, Life’s A Bitch, When I Look At You, Your Brains Are On The Floor, How Could He Love Me, Yours To Abuse, Confrontation / Make Our Dreams Come True, Act 1 Finale, The Graveyard, Pure Evil, Fine, Kiss Me, Tonight, Give Me A Smile, Stay With Me, The Final Confrontation, Finale.